About HackFlow

  • Hack Flow: Exists as a repository for resources documenting the "hacking" flow.

  • This wiki is useful for anyone who wants to remind themselves the flow from enumeration onward.

  • Hack Flow is accumulative. Content is added as myself and others work through HTB, Vulnhub and industry relevant pentests. We will be posting our research here for ourselves and the whomever wants to learn from it.

  • Unlike my other online projects (apt-secure.ca and my YouTube Channel. HackFlow is not designed to be pretty, or necessarily for others. The purpose of HackFlow is to document the process of hacking into bite sizes. A virtual snippet that can be used as a reminder when one is stuck. My blog I write so that others can injest it, HackFlow is written so that I can injest it. If others benefit from this tool, then that is awesome and I hope they enjoy it!

  • Check out apt-secure.ca for additional resources and commentary