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Purpose and how to use this tool

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Hackflow is an evolving documentation of the process of hacking. The purpose is it that can be used by legitimate pentesters.

The homepage contains "Hacking Topics" and the link for the primary HackFlow. The hacking topics include things like tools, reverse shells, privilege escalation, etc.

The primary HackFlow page is where you begin.

It can seem unwieldy at first.

However there is logic involved and you can also use the navigation at the top to jump to certain topics.

As you scroll down the page you are presented with logical steps during the hacking process. Enumeration, vulnerability discovery, tools that can be used at certain points.

Each category (FTP/SSH/......) begins with initial interactions with that subject matter. As you read the section, the tasks grow from things like enumeration into exploitation and potentially full control.

HackFlow is a living tool. That means that it is continually growing as the owner adds to resources.

A number of the links provided in this tool do link back to other content created by the owner. Other avenues of content creation can be found here.